Sir George Martin Documentary

BBC TV Crew On Montserrat Filming Sir George Martin Documentary

Sir George Martin Documentary

Sir George Martin Documentary

A two-man crew from Arena, an arts and culture programme on British Broadcasting Corporation TV (BBC TV) is presently on island to finalize work on a documentary about the legendary music producer and former manager of the Beatles, Sir George Martin.Sir Martin and his wife arrived on island on Sunday ahead of the crew and said he could not tell a story of his life that did not include Montserrat.

“Since 1978 Montserrat has been a major part of me and my wife’s life and a documentary would not be complete without it,” Sir George explained. “We wanted to show what we love about this island and not the dismal side that many other programmes have shown.”

The crew, which arrived on Monday, has been shooting at several locations including Olveston House, which is the residence of Sir George Martin. He explained that it was first built to house band members for stars like Elton John who were recording at Martin’s Air Studios in the 80’s.

Lying in the eastern Caribbean chain of Leeward Islands, Montserrat is lush, green and mountainous. The island offers fascinating walks, exceptional diving, a rich and colourful birdlife – however, its biggest attraction is the awesome spectacle of its active volcano.

The Soufrière Hills Volcano has been active since 1995. Montserrat’s capital Plymouth was abandoned two years later and today is a no-go zone, resembling a modern day Pompeii. Plans for a new island capital to be built in Little Bay are currently underway – until then, visitors head towards Jack Boy Hill, for a unique opportunity to witness safely this live volcano.

The programme is scheduled to be aired on Easter weekend in the United Kingdom.


  1. Catharine S. Reisch says

    Will it be possible to view this programme about Sir George Martin in the New York area?

  2. Hi Catharine, I am not too sure, we provided the details about the program but do not have any further info as such

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