Get Off the Sofa and Sing


How to Get Off the Sofa and Sing Like a Professional (Opera) Singer is by the author, broadcaster and singer Robert Little.
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Love Music, Love Food

Love Music, Love Food – The Rock Star Cookbook

There are two things that could make the world a better place – food and music – and this exclusive project combines them with a unique collection of portraits  of musicians with their favourite food or drink. The original, dramatic portraits command attention and the complex creativity of each is absorbing. [Read more…]

Learn How To Be A Professional DJ

Do you aspire to be a great DJ? Danny Rampling

Would you like to be successful in any walk of life?

Do you want to propel your DJ’ing career right to the very top?

Now, drawing on his twenty years of experience as a leading international DJ, Danny Rampling shares the secrets that have made him one of the most revered names in his industry – secrets that will help you become more successful in your music, your business and your life.

Step-by-step, making use of personal anecdote and a wealth of easy-to-follow diagrams and examples, this jargon-free guide will explain:

*how to choose and set up your equipment
*basic to advanced DJ’ing skills, including beatmatching,FX,EQ and scratching
*the essentials of setting up and promoting gigs
*producing mixes and cutting records
*mobile and radio DJ’ing
*the financial, legal and commercial need-to-knows that will transform you musical talent into business success. [Read more…]