The Red Blooded Years

New Rhythm Records Release – March 2011.



With The Red Blooded Years, aKING returns to the SA music scene with an album that is fresh and infused with new energy. The Red Blooded Years, recorded at Bellville Studios and produced by acclaimed music producer Theo Crous, is still unmistakably aKING, but the sonic influences of new member, Andrew Davenport, is impossible to ignore.“The title refers to our experience of growing up. I suppose it’s the themes of youth which sort of chronicles our coming of age, as a band and as individuals.”

– Jaco “Snakehead” Venter

The first music video from the album, The Runaround, has just premiered on local television and features the band adventuring in a mystical marine world. The video was produced by Louis Minnnaar, known for his high-quality conceptual work with a number of top local bands, including Van Coke Kartel, Yesterday’s Pupil and Bittereinder. Catch Alight, the second single off the album with its catchy lyrics, poppy synths and earworm musical hooks has all the traits of a massive radio hit – the type of song which summer memories are made of.

“Having a new member in the band allowed for new sounds and influences to creep in.”

– Hennie Van Halen

The Red Blooded Years has been more than a year in the making and its diverse content testifies to  aKING ‘s dimensioned artistic journey. Experimentation and innovation was key and the final product is one that heralds the group’s graduation from a mainstream rock outfit to a multi-disciplinary, cross-genred one. The shift in focus is clearly noticeable from the first note on the first track and, as the album progresses, the band doesn’t pull out any stops.

“Lines from books, thoughts, snatches of conversation, I guess our lyrics kind of represent our bands’ collective consciousness.” – Laudo Liebenberg

The mixture of inspiration, influences and musical sensibilities vary from new wave electronic to soulful country rock to down-and-dirty rock ‘n’ roll. These various gear shifts make for an album which grips the listener and keeps him interested throughout. One thing is certain – this is not a boring album and, whatever your conception of the ” aKING sound” has been in the past, this will no doubt be the album that forces you to re-assess it.

The Red Blooded Years stands out as a young rock band’s coming of age. With their mounting maturity and growing confidence, aKING now emerges from the safety of the old and trusted while departing on an exploration of uncharted and mysterious territory – that of musical evolution.

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