Thymeless Tings by Gale McAll

thymeless tings

Gale McAll, a photographer who blends her photography with art, captured an evening of some of the best local music. Thymeless Tings offered a perfect setting as Gypsy restaurant / music venue.

The amazing talent of the many bands was perfectly enhanced by well-engineered sound. The lighting effects with lasers and hazers added that special touch to this Blues Festival.

Thymeless Tings Band

The well-known Larry Amos kicked off proceedings, as only he could possibly do, in the style of a blues rocker who has paid his dues many times. His chord structures, vocals and pure musicality set the bar very high.

Bluesworx is a polished 4 piece. Their disciplined, impeccable performance exposed what was obviously hundreds of hours of rehearsal. They are a very fine rock outfit.

The Charlie King blues band stomped on the accelerator and injected a bit of well-distilled, single-malt juice into the mix. This was certainly a very well-oiled performance. Charlie’s exceptional rock voice certainly did justice to the Etta James covers.

Dax Butler and Them Particles STILL have a touch of Madness about them. They manage to cross a Brit Pop sound (aka Madness) with Eastern European influences combining the usual rock guitars with accordion, lap steel guitar and mandolin. The showmanship of the front-man, and the interaction between the band members goes a long way to making this an extremely popular and top class show.

The Bellwood Blues Project had landed the incredible Jethro Butow as their lead guitarist. The band had no choice but to rise to the occasion and select OVERDRIVE in every way. Bellwood Blues performed covers of well-known numbers and had the audience rocking late into the night.

Thymeless Tings is on the Hendrik Potgieter Road near the Cradle of Humankind in Krugersdorp.

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