Debut Single From Sukh

Sukhdeep Krishan

Sukhdeep Krishan

Introducing Sukhdeep Krishan, or simply Sukh, the new folk tinged singer/songwriter based in Manchester. Like his medical career, Sukh’s debut Kings is a labour of love and precision, which he has written, performed produced all himself.

Sukh began writing music at the age of 16 when he was scoring a film for school. What followed was years of playing in bands, after which he found his natural aptitude lies in solo work. Although his interest in moving pictures remains prevalent (he currently has a short film in post production), his inspirations have extended to the literary, from Russian authors Tolstoy and Turgenev through to the more theatrical and poetic Henrik Ibsen. These influences of course impact on his music but it’s his scientific mind set that particularly affects Kings, a result of his day job as a doctor.

Sukh admits that there are elements of Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl’s “mans search for meaning” in his thought process. Frankl’s speech about aiming higher than reality is partially where the notion ofKings came from – ‘And your conscious it grows / Like a root through a stone / A professor in the zone / Cooking chicken at home / Biting down to the bone’.

With such clinical influences it is surprising that the track exudes such warmth, charm and grace reminiscent of Sufjan or Cat Stevens. Sukh is a singer/songwriter with a true capability to bring feeling via music, while avoiding the morose mood of many labelled the same. Not to deny that there are self-reflective moments and elements of sadness in his music – but a certain objectivity and hope is the chief characteristic.

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