Introducing Rebellion

Glastonbury Festival was borne out of love some 40 years ago. As big and great affair it is now, you hear stories of how it was before thru the years. The music and people that inspired its fun time success and you wish that you could have had the chance to experienced it.

Forward winding to the 2000’s, you wonder if some of the same flavours are reminiscent in a current unique festival that has been running for the past 16 years.

Spawn out of the UK Punk Scene, Rebellion festival has grown into one of the largest independent alternative festivals around.

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Run by Festival Organisor Darren Russell, It attracts many legendary acts and music fans from all around the world year after year.

Over 200 bands, playing all forms of Rock & Roll , many of which are unsigned/DIY & from the UK, Get the chance to play along side legends that have been part of forming our music history.

The feel of the festival is very much like a big family. Music lovers of all ages get together over four days and have what most of them describe as the best time of the year. It has to be experienced to believe.

This year the festival continues to attract a wider audience and as well as some iconic bands, there is all sorts of entertainment from acoustic acts, bizarre, comedy, burlesque, art exhibitions and even a literary fest featuring interviews with Pete Murphy of Bauhaus & an EXCLUSIVE interview with PENNY RIMBAUD and STEVE IGNORANT founding members of seminal band CRASS.

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