Jim Henman launches new album

Jim Henman launches new Album

Jim Henman launches new Album

From a journey that started over 40 years ago, as one of the founding members of the Canadian Rock Group April Wine, comes a new album by Jim Henman entitled “Same Old Feeling”.

The sounds of this record blend a mixture of roots, folk and blues with ragtime style guitar to create a track listing that has something for everyone’s listening tastes.

“It was a project I’ve always wanted to do” said Henman who has been active in his local music scene for the past 30 years in varying roles from songwriter to producer, even composing the music for a theatre production entitled “Death The Musical”.

This is his first solo effort, but definitely not his last.

You can stream full length versions of each track from “Same Old Feeling” at his website, JimHenman.com. Official release of the record on CD, iTunes and CDbaby.com will be mid May.

Jim Henman

Jim Henman


  1. Robert Henman says

    Congratulations Jim. There is nothing like a finished piece of work that has your “soul” in it. Bob

  2. Joan O'Keefe says

    so happy to know you have done this, Jim. congratulations. Joan

  3. Congratulations Jim. This album has been coming for a while. It is so very much who you are – easy, upbeat, smooth, lots of groove, with a nostalgic feel. Took me back to a day when thinks were far simpler then today. Thanks for sharing your music! Pat

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