Palisade Music Festival

Palisade Music Festival

A blissful weekend in Palisade was just what the doctor ordered to usher in mid-June summer days in Colorado. Endless sunshine, lush green grass, a backdrop of the western Colorado peaks, and good old bluegrass tunes filled the long weekend. With a modest sized crowd with an overall mellow demeanor and music with the pleasant, upbeat tunes, the Palisade Bluegrass Festival was on point.

The stage and surrounding vendors were just 300 yards from the camping area, making easy transport. Just a short stroll beside the Colorado River led guests from their campsite to the main event. Free shuttles carted visitors into town to take advantage of the local wineries, farmer’s market, and charm, but the festival grounds held plenty of action to keep spectators engaged into the wee hours.

The headlining shows were spot on, starting at 11 AM and cranking on passed sunset. The vibe transformed from a little head bobbing and lounging to a full on dancing crowd, pumped with energy. Each band had it’s own unique charm, all with the common denominator of classic American bluegrass. After festival hours, bluegrass bands old and young, big and small, peppered the camp grounds, jamming out around the campfire with random spectators passing by to admire their musical gifts.

The storms held off all weekend and the sun shone through, with the highlight moment being a beautiful rainbow peering over the rockies as the sun set and final band played Saturday night. It was the perfect moment to represent this great happy-time festival.

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