Palisade Music Festival

Palisade Music Festival

A blissful weekend in Palisade was just what the doctor ordered to usher in mid-June summer days in Colorado. Endless sunshine, lush green grass, a backdrop of the western Colorado peaks, and good old bluegrass tunes filled the long weekend. With a modest sized crowd with an overall mellow demeanor and music with the pleasant, upbeat tunes, the Palisade Bluegrass Festival was on point. [Read more…]

French Jazz Trio At Sofitel Macau

Guitar Soloist - Li Zheng Kai

Guitar Soloist – Li Zheng Kai

Summer means it’s time for Sofitel’s Fête de la Musique, the third such annual celebration at Sofitel hotels around the region. All day long, on June 21st 2012, Sofitel hotels will become musical ambassadors in celebration of the annual Fête de la Musique. This popular street Music Festival was launched in France back in the summer of 1982, on the June 21st Solstice, and soon spread across the globe to become an international phenomenon. As a French brand of international hotels, Sofitel naturally plays an active role in this federating cultural event. [Read more…]