The Wonderful World Of

It is said that, if a regular person’s mind goes at 40mph, the bipolar one hits 1000mph without having to press the pedal. Set in a series of unusual spaces around the UK, The Wonderful World Of… brings together a company of artists including projectionist Dave Lynch, designer Barney George and rock band That Fucking Tank, leading audiences on a promenade journey into this strange, beautiful, breakneck world.The piece takes inspiration from firsthand accounts of living with mental illness, a condition that affects 1 in 4 adults in the UK. Centring on the stories of two very different characters who pursue a doomed love affair, The Wonderful World Of… builds a fragmentary portrait of their experiences with vivid splashes of movement, colour and live music. The show begins life at Temple Works in Leeds before going on to tour to Nottingham’s The Art Organisation and London’s Tooting Market.

Bent Architect was formed in 2003 by Mick Martin and Jude Wright. Past projects include Frog Man (Edinburgh 2006 and national tour); and Darwin’s Worms (National Tour, 2008). Bent Architect exists to create fresh, engaging, entertaining work, telling stories that address the issues and underlying questions of being alive now in a way that is highly visual, verbally and physically poetic, surreal yet immediate, tragic but very funny. The company is passionate about the spoken word in theatre, the rhythm and cadences of language, the very absurd nature of everyday speech and conversation. A work is currently in development inspired by the life of Barbara Hepworth.

Mick Martin was formerly writer-in-residence with Major Road Theatre Co. He also co-created three productions with Mind the Gap in the mid-nineties. As a writer theatre, radio and television credits include The Life And Times Of Young Bob Scallion, The Immigrant Song, A Weekend In England, Once Upon A Time In Wigan, Son Rise and Worlds Apart, which have all been produced at major theatre venues across the country. In autumn 2011 Broken Time will be produced at middle scale venues across the north of England. He has contributed episodes of Ballykissangel, Dream Team, Born & Bred and Crossroads, and has written two screenplays for Freedom Films.

Jude Wright started her career with Northern Broadsides. She has project managed and directed a number of devised pieces including Spitting Feathers, The Kind Of Folks We Are and Hijacked Dreams, and has directed at venues including Bradford College, Theatre in the Mill, Square Chapel and Oldham Coliseum. Since 2004 she has worked with Wakefield Theatres, taking theatre to new audiences across the district and programming and developing Wakefield Arts Centre.

Supported by the Arts Council England and Temple Works. /Running Time: 80 mins (approx)

Listings Information
Templeworks, Leeds
Thu 19th – Sat 21st May

The Art Organisation, Nottingham
Tue 24th May

Tooting Market, London
Thu 26 – Sat 28 May

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